brodies (brodies) wrote,

South West quest!

Spent last night in a stable condition after a battering from the weather. Temperatures dropped from 20 to 10 degrees during some very cold wet squalls. Horrible headwinds and generally very hilly.
Stable was a conversion at the Coach and Horses where I stayed a Cowfold.
Today's ride was down to Bournemouth, stopping over with Annemarie & Nigel. Did about 95 miles, through Midhurst and Petersfield, met a guy called Nigel from ChandlersFord and rode along the lanes with him. He's just done London-Brighton earlier on.
More head and crosswinds today, and amazingly a South Westerly headwind into Bournemouth just to complete the set. Early start tomorrow off to do the last 115 miles home!
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