brodies (brodies) wrote,

Soggy at the top!

That's it - can't ride much further North or I'll fall in.
Hard day - only 73 miles but very hilly and a lot of headwind, and some rain to end the day! To the West the sun has been shining but a thick grey veil of low cloud is hanging over the mountains and coast - very dramatic.
Stop at the Elphin Tea Room - they donated £5 to Shelterbox, THANKYOU, then on to Skiag Bridge where the sun came out and I met several people interested in the ride, including Noellia and Adriane from Malaga.
Arrived a bit damp at Durness,and had a nice meal at the Smoo Cave Hotel which included some HAGGIS!
They also made me a packed lunch for tomorrow as I hope to get away early and see if I can get on the first sailing to Cape Wrath. That will hopefully give me time to get back to Durness and collect panniers, pop in to Smoo Cave, and then get off to Tongue for the night.
No pic. update yet - I have quite a collection, will post photos when I can
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